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Academic History

August 2001 - June 2005 

University of California, Davis

Bachelor of Arts, Biology

August 2008 - August 2016

Gulf Medical University

Medical Degree (MBBS)

August 2018 - June 2019

University of California, San Francisco

Advanced Training in Clinical Research

Academics: Education

Jersey Shore University (Perth Amboy)

Chief Medical Resident

As a chief resident I inspired and motivated my senior residents and interns to improve their learning and understanding.

Below are some of the ways I worked to improved our program.

Phone Website.jpg

Residency Program Intranet Site and Phone App

Our residency program, faced several challenges with communication. Therefore, I developed an intranet website with a companion phone app using the corporate Office365 account. The site centralized communications, resources, and information for the entire team.

Medical Explorers

I worked with the Medical Explorers program to mentor local high school students aspiring to become physicians. We spent time with disadvantaged students to explain what its like to be a doctor and even had a session where they teaching how to suture.

Posters CV.jpg

Program Brochure and Poster

To make it easier for prospective residents to understand our residency program and what it has to offer I developed a professional-grade brochure and poster. It continues to be distributed by the program to interviewing residents and at events.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Worked with a local disadvantaged high school student aspiring to become a doctor. I spent time with him on a monthly basis and provided counseling and advice.

Business Meeting 2

Multi-Disciplinary Exposure

Design and spearheaded a program where interns shadowed Palliative Care, Social Work, and Respiratory Therapy to gain a better understanding of their role and improve inter-department communication. 

Academics: Projects
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