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NeuroSpinal Innovations

As co-founder of NueroSpinal Innovations (NSI) we have been at the forefront of combating chronic back and neck pain through the revolutionary work of applying therapeutic waves. As you will see below, I am heavily involved in various aspects of the company to ensure our future success.

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Research & Development

Currently designing high-quality research, including international multi-center randomized control trials. 

Currently designing and guiding big data research to develop machine learning and AI models. 

FDA Submission

Played a lead role in designing and preparing research protocol and application for FDA approval of proprietary radiographic image analysis software, Spinalytics.

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EHR Design

By combining my clinical knowledge and technological expertise, I played a critical role to translate physician requirements into software engineers. Played a critical role in the design and ensuring data is machine learning-friendly.

Online Learning Management System

Designed and produced curriculum and content for an online education system for physicians, nurses, and other roles. Currently used by all company employees around the world.

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Revolutionized Corporate Collaboration & Communications

Championed and spearheaded an effort to improve internal corporate communications through the incorporation of Office365 tools. I also designed and created an internal intranet site.

Power BI Dashboard Development

After developing EHR system, I combined the data with other databases to deliver high-quality dashboards describing the clinical quality and financial flowsheets.

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Corporate Experience: Skills
Corporate Experience: Contact
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