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My Work in Afghanistan

As a physician in the United States, I use my expertise and compassion to help patients in Afghanistan diagnose and treat complex medical conditions. I also raise funds to support their healthcare needs and improve their quality of life. Through my work, I aim to make a positive difference in the lives of people who face challenges and hardships.

Upset Stomach

Afghan Child with Lymphoma

Total Amount Raised: $7,666

Javed was a young boy from Afghanistan who had a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. His condition caused his jaw and eyes to swell and deform, making it hard for him to eat, speak, and see. He needed urgent medical care, but he had no access to it in his country. With the help of generous donors and compassionate volunteers, we were able to arrange for him to get a biopsy and a treatment plan in Pakistan. However, the journey was long and difficult, and Javed’s health deteriorated rapidly. On the day he was supposed to start his chemotherapy, he passed away in the car, leaving behind his grieving family and friends. His death was a tragic loss for everyone who knew him and cared for him. His story also revealed the harsh reality of the health care crisis in Afghanistan, where many people suffer from preventable and treatable diseases. Javed’s life and death inspired me to continue my work as a physician and a humanitarian, and to do whatever I can to help those in need. (Note: Out of respect for his family, I used a stock photo)


Afghan Woman with Brain Tumor

Total Amount Raised: $2,494

She was a woman from Afghanistan who suffered from a mysterious illness that caused her to gain weight, lose hair, and develop diabetes and high blood pressure. Her local doctor was unable to diagnose her condition and provide effective treatment. I learned about her case and suspected she had Cushing’s Syndrome, a rare disorder caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland that produces excess cortisol. I contacted a neurosurgeon in Pakistan who agreed to perform the surgery to remove the tumor. I also raised funds to cover the costs of the operation and the travel expenses. The surgery was a success and she recovered well. She is now living a healthier and happier life, thanks to the collaboration and generosity of many people who supported her. (Note: Face obscured due to cultural sensitivities)


Elderly Principal with Foot Gangrene

Total Amount Raised: $3,830

Meet Bibi Mentaha, a former school principal who dedicated her life to educating girls in a remote village near Jalalabad, Afghanistan. She lost her husband and her son to violence and disease, and now lives alone with no income or support. She suffers from diabetes, which she cannot manage properly due to lack of access to insulin and medical care. Her condition has worsened to the point where she needs to have her foot amputated to save her life. Her kind neighbors have pooled their resources to pay for the surgery, but they are also struggling with poverty and insecurity. She still needs ongoing help to afford her medications, a refrigerator, a nurse, and to repay her debts. I helped her raise money to get the foot amputation and a refrigerator for her insulin. I also found a caregiver who can take care of her and monitor her health. She is a brave and resilient woman who deserves dignity and compassion.

Kidney Transplant.jpg

Afghan Father Needs Dialysis

Total Amount Raise: $6,200

Modir Khan is a father of four who lives in Afghanistan. He had a kidney transplant 16 years ago, but his new kidney is now failing because he cannot get the anti-rejection medications he needs due to COVID restrictions. Therefore, he needs to restart his dialysis to stay alive. He has lost his job and has no income to support his family, which includes two children with disabilities. With the money raised, we were able to get him setup at a dialysis facility and he can get dialysis for the next few years.

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